November Member of the Month: Shari Lafontaine

Congratulations to the November member of the month: Shari Lafontaine!

Shari has been CrossFitting for years, but is coming up on her 1st year anniversary with 1827 in January! It was a bit of a slow start for the first half of the year, but after we were able to reopen in July, Shari has been in almost every single day! Since reopening Shari has attended 20+ classes each month! You can often find at 6am classes with the dedicated morning crew, but when work gets in the way you might spot her in the gym in the evening, crushing the evening members on the WOD. 

Shari is always great to have in class, she works hard, trusts the process, is coachable and her results have shown! She is crushing the current strength cycle, destroying WODs and it will be impressive what she does when we hit next max testing in a couple weeks! Members like Shari make our gym amazing. Consistently showing up, doing the work, having a smile on her face and having a good time with the other members around her, make Shari an exemplary member!

Huge thank you to Popeye’s Supplements Guelph for the prize pack, Greg & Mark at Beech Hill Supply Co. for the clothing sponsorship and Dr. Ben at Ion Health & Performance for the free treatment gift certificate! If you have any supplement questions or want the best prices and selection in town, make sure to check out Popeyes on Stone Road across from the mall. Beech Hill Supply Co apparel is available at their website! Make sure to check out ION Health & Performance for any injuries or ailments, and book in with multiple, amazing chiropractors and RMT!

How did you get started into CrossFit: I played every sport competitively growing up, yes even basketball. I remember my favourite part of the year was the day we tested our skills for ParticipACTION! and also track & field day at the end of the year (I am seriously dating myself). As I got older that morphed into being a conventional gym / body building enthusiast. I loved the gym and would hang out there all the time, but it seemed like I was doing the same thing over and over again. Then life got in the way a bit:  school, work, kids and 40 lbs later I felt at a loss for how to find my way back.  I wondered what was missing and figured out that it was my love of those physical challenges and how they fed my competitive side. So at 43, I started searching for gyms that had what I called calisthentics…like the old ParticipACTION! stuff. I had no idea what Crossfit was until I stumbled on it doing this search. I started in the summer of 2013 at Gridiron and instantly fell in love with Crossfit, the fear and discomfort it caused me, how amazingly strong I started feeling, the sense of accomplishment at the start of my day, the commraderie, the community and of course the competition! I would be remiss if I did not mention that is also the year I met Curtis R and Steve B, and have loved working out with them whenever I get the chance ever since. I am NEVER bored! I have now been to Crossfit gyms all over the world and can honestly say that Crossfit 1827 is a gym I am proud to call my home box.

Favourite Class Time to attend: 6am baby!!

Favourite Movement(s): Deadlift of course!!

Least Favourite Movement(s): RUNNING

Favourite Cheat Meal/Food: Wine…or Ice Cream….it’s hard to choose

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