Challenging you to better yourself.

not your standard gym


Located in the south end of Guelph, CrossFit 1827 is and official affiliated CrossFit gym. “1827” is the year Guelph was founded, and we draw our brands’ inspiration from the original maps of the city whereby the streets diagonally led to the river. The diagonals form the strength of a triangle – a symbol of the continual change that takes place within our four walls, physically and mentally. Also known as “Delta”, the triangle represents an ever-evolving focus, shifts in perspective, constant growth, and individual resilience.

Like the city itself, CrossFit 1827 focuses on a strong community, changing lives and challenging you to better yourself, in every respect.

Our professional coaching staff each have over 7 years of training, coaching, and competing experience. We each come with our own diverse education and training background to offer you an unparalleled training experience in Guelph.

Our workouts are scalable to anyone of any ability, whether 18 years old or 88. You do not have to be in shape to join! With each class expertly programmed and coached, all you need to do is show up.

We are built on a non-ego community clear of bad attitudes. Come in, meet our coaches and witness how welcoming the people and atmosphere at CrossFit 1827 are!


The community that spontaneously arises when people workout together is a key component of our gym. By building and fostering this community, members remain accountable to coming back day after day.

Members find that missing workouts can be equivalent to missing a baseball or hockey game or personal event.

We not only offer a strong community during class workouts, but also create a fun post workout community through social events!


To improve strength and conditioning, you need to challenge your body. To improve confidence and belief, you need to challenge your mindset.

Our constantly varied workouts will push you beyond preconceived limits. Through education on movement, nutrition and health, we give you the tools and provide you with the outlet to challenge yourself, daily.


We see change as differing from your norm. To transform. To overcome. To develop. To grow.

Our focus is on you and what you’re seeking to accomplish. Through our community of members, coaches and every day challenges, growth in yourself will be inevitable. What are your goals? Contact us today and we’ll plan how you can reach them.

not your standard workout






Our CrossFit Classes are 60 minutes in length. Each class features a similar style: warmup, into a strength or skill portion and then finishes with a high intensity workout. This high intensity workout ranges from 10 to 20 minutes in length. Classes are instructor lead, meaning you will be coached through the entire class. 

There are a variety of timeslots offered throughout a day, from 6am to 6:30pm. And each class runs the same programming. However, the classes will differ from day to day to ensure we provide constant variation. Our specific training focus includes barbell work every day, such as squats, deadlifts, pressing or the olympic lifts.

The Workout of the Day [WOD] is what gets your heart rate up! The daily WOD also differs from day to day; from the number of movements and type of movements, to the length and format. We like to mix it up throughout a week to include body weight movements, weightlifting, kettlebells, dumbbells, cardio and endurance and even gymnastics. 

All classes, movements and lifts are scalable to the persons’ capabilities, athletic background and restrictions. Our environment is one in which you will feel welcome, encouraged and motivated – we promise you that.

Define your goals. Believe in your goals. Achieve your goals.