September Member of the Month: Denise Stievenart

Congratulations to the September Member of the Month: Denise Stievenart!

Denise was one of our first members to join our gym just over 3 years ago when we first opened, and has been a consistent and dedicated member every month since! We are grateful for members like Denise, who have not only supported us since the day we opened, but for her support throughout our closure during quarantine. She generously continued her memberships throughout our 4 months of being closed and as soon as we reopened, she jumped back into regular classes. Denise has attended 17 classes in both August and September to easily make the committed club each month and really get her strength back after working out with only DBs at home!

Denise is such a great member to have in class, she is always positive, coachable, works hard and is consistent! Thanks to members like Denise, 1827 has a strong community of dedicated members and each class is a lot of fun. You really make our business great!

Huge thank you to Popeyes Supplements Guelph for the prize pack, Greg & Mark at Beech Hill Supply Co. for the clothing sponsorship and Dr. Ben at Ion Health & Performance for the free treatment gift certificate! If you have any supplement questions or want the best prices and selection in town, make sure to check out Popeyes on Stone Road across from the mall. Beech Hill Supply Co apparel is available at their website! If you haven’t yet, reach out to Dr. Ben, who is located in the front of our Unit 13, for your first free initial assessment!

How did you get into CrossFit:I wanted to join CrossFit 7 years ago but didn’t think I was fit enough. Went to a personal trainer at Good Life, and just wanted something different. Found Mikes CrossFit gym and feel in love with the people. Then I heard you guys were opening a gym right down the street!!! Best of both worlds, the great people and awesome classes!

Favourite Class Time to attend: I am really liking the 6pm class!

Favourite Movement(s): I love anything with kettlebells.

Least Favourite Movement(s):I really struggle with gymnastic movements because I have no background in them. Goals: handstand a strict pull-up.

Favourite Cheat Meal/Food: My favourite food is chocolate cake, the one from the Betty Crocker boxes with the canned icing.

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