Why do the CrossFit Open?

No really. Why?

2020 was so long it rolled into 2021.

Mondays are the most Monday they’ve ever been.

Maybe you’re a little fluffier than last year and are worried you won’t do as well as you could. 

So why on earth would you sign up for three weeks of ridiculously hard workouts against super humans that post scores you’re not actually convinced are human?

Also, Dave Castro, human or not human? Jury is still out on that one. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but even though we have to stay 9 feet apart from each other, the CrossFit Open is about community and brings us all closer together. It’s about challenging yourself to see what you’re capable of, and doing it alongside your friends and gym mates. Competing in the Open is a chance to put up your best effort and be proud of it; to see where you’re at versus last year, last month or even last week, and reflect on everything you’ve learned along the way.

This year the Open is looking to be as inclusive as ever, with more categories, including adaptive, and those with or without equipment. When virtually everything else in 2021 is keeping us all away from each other, the Open is changing the rules to bring us all together. There’s something awesome about being cheered on by friends and pushing ourselves through workouts together. Maybe you won’t put up your best scores ever, but maybe you’ll see your best friend power through a workout they couldn’t have done a year ago. Whether it’s hitting a PR or just shocking yourself that you can do pistols now without falling over most of the time, it’s a chance to share those wins with your friends. After the year we’ve all had I know I would appreciate a few wins! The point is, the CrossFit Open is a chance to prove to yourself that you’re capable of some pretty amazing things, while cheering on and sharing some positivity with your community. Also nothing brings a friendship closer like seeing someone else’s squat face so you’ll get that freebie for the books too.

Joining your gym family at CrossFit 1827 might be just what you needed to add some motivation to your 2021 and get you moving towards your goals.

To quote a famous Canadian: 

“Remember, I’m pullin for ya- we’re all in this together.” – Red Green

From the team at 1827 Strong // CrossFit 1827,
Thank you for sticking it out with us this last year and we can’t wait to see you at the Open!

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