May Member of the Month: Tanya Beckon

Congratulations to the May member of the month: Tanya Beckon!

Tanya has been with for 1 year (just earned her 1 year mug this month) after she decided to give our group on-ramp a try last June and was hooked! Since quarantine and the gym being shut down since mid-March, Tanya has been the most consistent member for attending online classes and submitting scores. Throughout April and May, she only missed 1 workout (due to work getting in the way)! Other than that 1 workout, she did every single workout we have put out, and has crushed each one!

Tanya can usually be found at the Noon Zoom class with a big smile on, and humbly putting up big scores. She knows how to work hard, never complains and always enjoys the workouts. All the coaches love having Tanya in the class and I know everyone else does too. She was a unanimous decision from the coaches and myself to be this months member of the month! I look forward to seeing her back in the gym and presenting her with the member of the month prize pack, and maybe some of our new ‘1827 Strong’ swag! Keep up the amazing work Tanya!

Huge thank you to Popeyes Supplements Guelph for the prize pack and Greg at Beech Hill Supply Co. for the clothing sponsorship! If you have any supplement questions or want the best prices and selection in town, make sure to check out Popeyes on Stone Road across from the mall. Beech Hill Freight apparel is available at our pro shop!

How did you get into CrossFit: I was getting bored with my usual workout routine and kept seeing Coach Tonya’s posts on Instagram for CrossFit 1827. The posts inspired me to give it a try, so I joined an OnRamp class and next month will be my 1 year anniversary!

Favourite Class Time to attend:
Pre-quarantine: evening
Quarantine: noon Zoom class

Favourite Movement(s): I love the reverse burpee!

Least Favourite Movement(s): None!

Favourite Cheat Meal/Food: Chocolate chip cookies

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