August Member of the Month: JP Gionet

Congratulations to the July Member of the Month: JP Gionet!

JP joined us just over a year ago for our group on-ramp, having never CrossFitted before and being dragged out by a friend (Ben). Getting hooked from the first class, JP has been a consistent name on the committed club. JP’s positive, coachable and friendly attitude at the 6:30 class make us lucky to have members like JP!

While JP’s lungs may hold back his pace in a workout, it doesn’t hold back his strength progress, or finishing any WOD he starts! Since JP attends the last class of the day, he always finishes a workout once everyone in the class cleans up, he will stay after class to complete any reps or rounds! Not only is JP committed to regular classes, he is always there to volunteer for our community events and attending all our social gatherings. What sets JP apart from many members and former members, is that JP has experienced injuries both at the gym and outside of the gym that require him to rest for a few weeks. But once feeling better he always comes back and gets right back to work picking up where he left off!

Huge thank you to Popeyes Supplements Guelph for the prize pack for JP, and Greg at Beech Hill Freight for the clothing sponsorship. If you have any supplement questions or want the best prices and selection in town, make sure to check out Popeyes on Stone Road across from the mall!

How did you get into CrossFit: I blame Ben. Ben’s wife won him a silent auction for a boot camp last May/June and a few days before he was going to start he told me I had to sign up and go with him. We commute to work together, and were going to the gym occasionally after work so both of us going to the boot camp made logistical sense. My previous long term class in another discipline had closed, so I was looking for something new anyway so I signed up and have been hooked since the first day of boot camp (Thanks Tiffany!) The community and coaches have been amazing since day 1, knowledgeable, encouraging and inviting. I’m proud to be a part of it and thankful for being accepted into it. Thanks everyone!

Favourite Class Time to attend: I don’t do mornings, so 6:30pm is the only time I can attend due to the commute but any time I go has been my favourite time, unless there is running.

Favourite Movement(s): D-Ball Cleans, Tire Flips. Those are two of the few movements where you get to throw weight around with some abandon.

Least Favourite Movement(s): Overhead squats on account of my lack of ankle/shoulder mobility and running on account of a recurring ankle injury. I don’t mind difficult movements, but I hate the things I don’t do well (yes, the door has been opened for all the other movements I should also hate). Should probably add breathing to that list too on account of asthma. That’s what I like to think makes me so slow. Yup, that’s the reason, and not the answers to the next question…

Favourite Cheat Meal/Food: M&M’s are a weakness and Five Guys is top of the list if I want something I know isn’t good for me.

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